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Coughlin Capital, LLC

Coughlin Capital is a family owned and operated investment firm dedicated to working with small and lower middle-market expansion stage companies to help unlock their true potential.

Our goal is simple: grow businesses.

About Us

Coughlin Capital has grown out of over 60 years of family owned and operated businesses originally located in Detroit, Michigan. In 2007 Coughlin Capital was established to leverage this experience by investing in small and lower middle-market companies with growth potential. The team includes MBAs, JDs, CPAs and entrepreneurs with extensive real world experience running businesses.

The Coughlin Capital team has the experience needed to work alongside partners and understand their businesses. Coughlin Capital understands the challenges of building an executive management team and works alongside these teams to position the company for growth.

Coughlin Capital has established two investment platforms; Supply Chain and Sponsor Partnerships. By investing in companies that fall under these existing platforms, Coughlin Capital can leverage its networks and expertise to establish efficiencies across companies.

With the advantage of a long term investment philosophy, Coughlin Capital has the ability to focus on investing and growing businesses within its existing platforms. Coughlin Capital can remain committed to a simple goal: grow businesses.

Coughlin Capital provides:

  • Capital Resources
  • Industry Expertise
  • Organizational Development
  • Process and Operational Discipline
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit

Our Team

Coughlin Capital brings the strength of family values to every relationship and investment opportunity. Each of our partners offers a unique set of experiences and skills to benefit our platform businesses.

Investment Criteria

While Coughlin Capital prides itself on remaining flexible to each unique situation, the firm is generally interested in opportunities within our current platforms: Supply Chain and Sponsor Partnerships.

Target companies typically have one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Revenues from $2 Million to $80 Million
  • EBITDA or discretionary earnings of $1 Million to $15 Million
  • Established customer base and revenue stream
  • Companies with management transition issues


Supply Chain Industry

Coughlin Capital has an extensive network of professionals and history of working within the Supply Chain Industry.  Coughlin Capital aims to lever our industry experience and network in order to optimize portfolio company performance.

This platform provides an incredible amount of opportunity for innovation as supply chain technology continues to evolve.  From Quality Control to Logistic Services, Coughlin Capital companies are constantly working to find efficiencies and innovation within our customers supply chains.

Sponsor Partnerships

Coughlin Capital is constantly striving to partner with smart and driven leaders within their industry of expertise.  Our Sponsor Partner Platform provides just that opportunity.  With our Governance Processes, Strategic Planning Expertise and Financial backing, we strive to facilitate a Value-Added Partnership with Entrepreneurs who are looking to take on Business Ownership opportunities of their own.

Coughlin Capital works hand in hand with our Sponsors to facilitate deal sourcing, deal management, and post-acquisition management.

Opportunity Zones

Qualified Opportunity Zones (QOZ’s) are a product of the new tax code that allows for tax efficient reinvestment of Capital Gains.  QOZ’s provide a great channel for investments in businesses and real estate within designated QOZ areas.  QOZ’s encourage a long-term hold of 10 years or more, which aligns with Coughlin Capital’s long-term vision of equity growth.

Coughlin Capital invests both directly and with funds within QOZ’s.  We believe each QOZ requires a different strategy, and matching these strategies with the appropriate QOZ’s is vital to the success of these investments.


Value-Added Ownership

Coughlin Capital is committed to always bringing more to the table than financial resources. When evaluating a deal, we take a long look at the needs of the company to ensure that we are the best fit.  Coughlin Capital members become heavily involved in the Strategic Planning Processes and Organizational Development of all of our investments.

Long-Term Vision

Coughlin Capital views every acquisition with a long-term vision.  Our model is built around growing the equity within each of our holdings with no horizon limitations.  This gives us the ability to make decisions that are right for the company’s long-term success.  Coughlin Capital works closely with our Partners to strategically develop our long-term Equity Growth Plans.

Capital Flexibility

Coughlin Capital does not raise or invest funds from third parties. We invest our own capital directly into our target acquisitions.  This also allows us to provide financing strategies that support the company’s growth initiatives post acquisition.  Every deal provides unique opportunities and we strive to design deal structures that allow these opportunities to become a reality.

Current Platform Companies

Lumbee Enterprises
its National
On Time Lighting


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